Friday, December 2, 2011

LA Cop Desecrates American Flag at Occupy LA (Video)

Some things never change: The winds and tides, crooked politicians, & LA cops who think they are above the law...especially when masked by riot gear. 
If ever there was a time for a regime change at LAPD central, it is now! 

LAPD officers storm out of City Hall and start evicting the Occupy LA protesters. While they are destroying the occupiers personal belongings, an LA cop rips the American flag. 


BadCat said...

Looks like the flag is permanently affixed, and the effort to tear it loose from it's attachment tore the flag.


But why are commies, rag heads, and union thugs allowed to alter or deface public property whether they shite on it, paint on it, drop garbage on it, or stick a flag on it?

Hamas uses kids as human shields.
Now 'occupy' uses the US flag to cover trespass.

None of these sons of bitches have rally permits...

Andrew said...

What an absolute disgrace... There really ain't nothing more that can be said.